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Yimago Earth
Welcome to the official website of Yimago Earth, the radio station that allows you to escape the daily routine and be transported to a relaxing state of mind. Peaceful and relaxing, quiet and soothing, we are offering to you our unique mix of earth music (formerly called new age music), nature sounds, ambient, Celtic and world fusion.

We play independent artists as well as mainstream artists from major labels and series like Lifescapes, Reflections of Nature, Avalon, Tranquility Music, New World Music, Real Music, Putumayo and Solitudes. We are happy to have a partnership with Paradise Music to feature many of their acclaimed artists and albums.
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Our program is the perfect environment to use as an aid to relaxation and meditation, to help you sleep better, concentrate better and connect with nature. You will get an atmospheric companion to healing practices and spa activities like massage, yoga, reiki, t'ai chi and shiatsu to restore balance. Our broadcast is a calming background for studying or the workplace or for a relaxing soundtrack of a romantic evening. The content of our playlist is specifically designed to keep you relaxed and in the zone of a meditative and blissful mood.

Note that like all our other radio stations, our website and players display at all times the artists' name, the track's title and year of release, and good high-quality album art scan for your enjoyment. If you like our station, tell your friends, listen often, and share on social networks!
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We do not have our own application yet but you can download on your phone or tablet the OnlineRadioBox app to listen to our radio stations. Just enter Yimago Earth in the app search box.
May you live every day of your life.
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About Us
Yimago Earth (formerly Yimago Radio 4) is broadcasting 24 hours a day since October 16, 2013. Our streaming servers are managed by TorontoCast, a SOCAN (The Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada) licensed provider. We operate in full compliance with international internet broadcasting laws.
Yimago Earth
A Yimago radio station streamed by TorontoCast
Licensed by SOCAN. All rights reserved.